Hi friends!

My name is Maria and I am so excited and thankful to have all of you be a part of this fantastic journey!

Many have asked, “How was candlespice born?” Well, it all started on a cozy fall evening as my husband Zach and I had a candle lit and we were relaxing on the couch after a busy day.  The scent from the candle that we had lit triggered childhood memories and I began to tell him story after story.   I realized that all of those stories had an important element to them: the warming scent of a candle that made those memories so delightful and full of love and excitement.  Coming home from school to a beautifully fragrant house was one of my most favorite things!  It literally gave me butterflies to think of all of those wonderful times and how Zach and I were blessed that we have the opportunity to create those types of memories for our son.  

It is apparent that the sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses to have and the trigger that it has on memory is absolutely astounding and intriguing.  That’s when Zach and I dove head first into the world of all natural candles and the rest quickly became history!  The amount of fun that we have creating new frangrances and continuously growing our small business has been a blessing- to say the least! 

Not only is the smell of our candles important to us, but the fact that our candles are truly made with an all-natural US farm grown soy wax, a metal-free all-natural cotton wick, and a combination of fine fragrance and natural essential oils ensure the comfort of a clean burn.

The design of our candle is just as important to us as the scent. I can assure you that no shortcuts were taken when choosing our design. We wanted to offer you an elegantly intended candle that not only smells fantastic and is healthy to burn in your home, but also a candle that looks aesthetically great to any home decor style!

Just as candles have played a big part in creating memories for us, we hope that your candle does the same for you!  Zach and I sincerely thank you for your love and support.  Without all of you, this wouldn’t be possible.  💜

Thank you!